Most of the trees I bring back are deep in the forest and only accessible threw small path.  I have to make roads in the forest with caterpillars to be able to reach them.
They are later moved from my house in the Pyrenees to my workshop in Barcelona.
I work on the trunks with chainsaw, chisel, and different size of dremels. Usually most of the trunk are plain on the inside and it take time to get this organic texture and shapes. Then I start the wax sculpture, and once it is ready i bring it to the foundry for plaster mould and bronze melt.

My furniture is not only designed to be used, but to be touched, sensed, and observed. I have work it on every aspect, so it can be looked and appreciate from every perspective. I see my pieces as a sculpture and not only as a table.

Working on this project is for me a meditative process where time is irrelevant. I can spend 6 month or a year on a single piece of wood-bronze and stop when i feel the need to. Out of every injunction that modern society try to impose to us (time and productivity).